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Was released HaizonRenamer 2009, v.5.0.




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HaizonRenamer 2009
 HaizonRenamer - is a system, that will process all data, that you have - audio and video records, image galleries, software and document archives in the ideal order, giving you ability to find at any time find information, that you need. HaizonRenamer will store all files in centralize storages in file system, addresses for which you can specify at any time. And even more - HaizonRenamer will delete or move to the special place all files, that you dislike or don't need. All is possible with flexible control system, with which it will perfectly fit to your needs.


HaizonRenamer is organizing files with any content -


Audio records


(mp3,ogg,mpa,wma, etc.)

Video records





(jpg,png,tif,wmf,bmp, etc.)

Text documents


(doc,rtf,pdf,htm, etc.)

Programs installation packs



Archives and all files in archives


(zip, rar, etc.)

Files of any other types


(over powerful artificial intelligence-based mechanism)

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HaizonRenamer supports hundreds of media formats, even if they are packed in archives.  While files processing, you will see all, that is happening, even content of archives, that are processed now. And even more - you can on the fly do with files, that were appended to databases all, that you want - copy, cut, delete or move to another location.


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