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Was released HaizonRenamer 2009, v.5.0.




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About Itanium Software Solutions, Inc.

Itanium Software Solutions, Inc. was originally founded in 1994 and went a long way from the initial small one-man shop for data analyzing software to the file processing tools specialist, that it is today. In 1997 we changed our business focus on file processing software and development tools and introduced to the market: 


HaizonRenamer version 1.0 released in 1997, was the first tool that could process file storages with unlimited size, in one easy step.Combined with its straight-forward user interface and ease of use, the product became an immediate success.

Today, HaizonRenamer is one of the best selling and most popular file sorting tools world-wide. The introduction of - .Net based - HaizonRenamer continues our mission to provide high quality file processing tools, and expands our presence in the file processing tools market.


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