Appended Easy-to use start-up Wizard


Was released HaizonRenamer 2009, v.5.0.




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Appended Easy-to use start-up Wizard

In new Haizon File Renamer version was appended easy to use "Main Configuration" wizard.

"Main Configuration" Wizards - With them HaizonRenamer become even more easy-to use and flexible

 It is shown after program installation and running at the first time automatically. New wizard will let users to start using HaizonRenamer in seconds. It help to define:

  •  source directory (folder, files from which HaizonRenamer will process: rename, sort, organize);
  •  database directory (folder, to which files will be moved or copied after processing);
  • action (what to do with processed files: copy them from source directory to database, or move);
  • registration (for users, who still did not registed their HaizonRenamer 2009 product copy, may do it now in automatical mode).

Last product version may be  purchased in our online store. All registed HaizonRenamer 2009 users can get it for free.

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